Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a move?

It's simple just give our agents a call we are open from 9:00am-6:00pm  for all of your booking and moving needs. Our agents will check availability and answer any question you may have about your move.

2.No hidden fees!

We do NOT have any kind of hidden fee's. Everything you need for your move is included in our rate. We Guarantee there are no hidden charges or surprise fees everything is disclosed prior to booking!!!

3. How can I cut down my move time?

 Our team will do everything to make your move as fast as possible.  If you are booked hourly and would like to speed up the process you can help us to do it even faster by making sure to box up all loose items, have boxes ready in one spot and we will do the rest!

4. Am I being charged for lunch breaks?

NO WAY!!! Every second of the break is going to be deducted from the total time. You only pay for the time we work.

5. Do I have to give workers a tip?

A Tip is always appreciated but is at your discretion  a tip is never mandatory.

6. What happens if one of my items accidentally gets scratched or damaged during the move?

All of our Big Bros. are trained  before they become a mover. To ensure the most professional service to all of our customers. We have a very rare claim rate. If an incident does occur no worries we have you covered. We will send you a claims packet by email. You will fill out the claims packet you received and send that back to us and we forward that to our claims department and then they'll follow up with you on your claim.